What Companies Does George Soros Own?

ByBusinessmatters Staff | Updated: May 11, 2024
ByBusinessmatters Staff
Updated: May 11, 2024


If you wonder What Companies George Soros Own, well, there are about 15 companies like National General Holdings Corp (NGHC), Walt Disney Company (DIS), PPG Industries Inc (PPG), NXP Semiconductors NV (NXPI) are owned by George Soros.

George Soros is one of the most well-known billionaire investors and philanthropists who have made a great fortune as a hedge-fund investor. If you talk about software industries like Unity Software Inc. and Microchip Technology Incorporated or multi-asset companies like Walt Disney Company and National General Holdings Corp, George Soros has a diverse investment portfolio of billions of dollars.

Furthermore, he is an Australian businessman, investor, philanthropist, and one of the fastest-rising billionaires in the current market. And apart from holding stakes in different entities, George also runs the Open Society Foundation and has donated over 32 million dollars to charity and various organizations to support humanitarian work.

Moreover, his achievements don’t end here, he also became a widely recognized figure by investing billions in securities such as commodities and foreign exchange markets by buying stocks of different companies.

Top 15 Companies George Soros Own

George Soros’s diverse portfolio includes stocks, funds, and shares in several major companies worldwide. George Soros owns Amazon Com Inc through his fund Soros Fund Management LLC and holds 94,600 thousand shares valued at 325.45 million dollars.

Having mentioned that, Liberty Broadband, D R Horton Inc, GOOGLE – Alphabet Inc, Maxim Integrated Prods Inc, and NXP Semiconductors are some of the top companies in his portfolio. He also holds shares in many software development and commercial electronics manufacturing companies.

Now, look at the top 15 companies George Soros owns and how much of his stake in those companies is worth.

1. National General Holdings Corp (NGHC)

During last year’s second quarter, George Soros bought 400,000 portions to own some stakes in National General Holdings Corp. At the end of the first period, their investment was esteemed at 13.5 million dollars. George Soros has been buying National General Holdings Corp shares since March 7, 2009, when he estimated his investment at 9.9 million dollars. The company’s share price is currently valued at 13.5 million dollars. And, as per a recent third-quarter report by the company, its trading value is in the range of 6.60 to 15.80 dollars. Furthermore, the current news is that The Allstate Corporation is planning to buy NGHC and the proposed deal is for $4 billion in cash. It is marking the price of one share of NGHC at $34.50.

2. Walt Disney Company (DIS)

After the incredible performance of the Walt Disney Company in the first quarter, George Soros and a few other investors bought shares in the company to further push its growth streak. George Soros’s investment in the Walt Disney Company currently has billions of dollars in different markets across different streams and has been the star of the eyes of every investor. This acquisition of 150,000 DIS shares by George Soros for 18.61 million dollars proved to be a great decision as Disney continues to perform well across all parameters. According to the latest reports, the Walt Disney Company has a market capitalization of 278.1 billion dollars, priced at 133.44 in 2010-2011. In the last few months, shares of Walt Disney Co have been hovering around 115 – 120 dollars, as per trading reports.

3. PPG Industries Inc (PPG)

In the recent report of George Soros, it is shown that he owned 91,000 points of shares worth approx 11 million dollars in PPG Industries Inc. PPG Industries Inc is another company that George Soros’s investment portfolio comprises, and this quarter saw the bearish market trend that impacted most of the major companies across the world making them perform poorly during April and the first quarter. PPG has seen steady growth over the last few years and has been expanding its business targets.

By the end of last year’s main quarter, PPG made a solid profit of $50 million by acquiring over 70% during the first principal quarter.

4. NXP Semiconductors NV (NXPI)

XP Semiconductors is a world-famous microchip producer that makes the technologies widely used in various other electronic industries to manufacture products like GPS systems, smartphones, chipsets, and many more. And NXPI, a Dutch multinational company, was under the portfolio of George Soros as of March 7, 2009. George Soros’s stakes in this company are around 70,000 shares, which has increased as NXP is rising as the top chip maker in the market. The global rise in demand for semiconductor chips for smartphones and other electronics is pushing the value NXPI with each passing day.

5. Unity Software Inc. (U)

George Soros was one of the early investors in Unity Software Inc. His equity in the company has been increasing with the upward trend of the share price. With that being said, it won’t be wrong to suggest that the modern market revolves around technology, and Soros has been a huge fan of software-building companies like Unity. And this was predicted by George way before time and he had invested $26.8 million worth 300,00 shares of Unity. And now, the market evaluation of Unity Software is more than 31 billion dollars. This software development company is entering new markets specializing in developing 3D graphics software for many platforms, including Android, iOS, PCs, and other devices.

6. Palantir Technologies (PLTR)

Palantir is among some of the newest made IPO investments for George Soros. However, since George became a shareholder at Palantir, the company started making significant development surpassing Unity Software with a 66% gain in the first six weeks. George’s share in Palantir is around 18.45 million PLTR shares. And resulted in around 175 million per his current market position. As the year progressed, its share price went up which became a piece of good news for investors like George Soros, who holds some stakes in the company. With such huge progressive trends, the current value of Palantir Technologies has been increased to 4% which is 739 million dollars, whereas their share price has risen by 2%.

7. Varian Medical Systems, Inc. (VAR)

George made a smart investment of $24.5 million for approx 145,000 shares in Varian Medical Systems Company. As soon as he stepped into this company, a few other major players like David Blood also invested in Varian, elevating the company’s position in the market. The industry conditions spiked the share price of Varian, making its investors millions of dollars. In late August, Siemens Healthineers announced they acquired Varian for $16.4 billion in cash. After this news, it reached the stock market with a 21% increased value which made George some serious money.

8. Immunomedics, Inc. (IMMU)

Since the second last quarter of last year, Immunomedics made remarkable improvements. This is another 13F investment of George Soros. He bought 384,096 portions of IMMU which is considered as 25th most valuable investment of Soros Fund Management. Here is a glimpse of returns to investment

  • In last year’s reports, the total evaluation of George’s shares in Immunomedics was worth 32.66 million dollars.
  • In mid-July, Gilead Sciences Inc 9GILD) announced that they would be buying Immunomedics in a cash deal of $21 billion.
  • This deal made millions of dollars to major investors in Immunomedics, including 18% stockholder of IMMUY Kurt Von Emster’s VenBio Select Advisor.
  • Since the buy-out announcement, IMMU stocks have started rocketing to the top, and experts predict a further increase in IMMU.

9. Maxim Integrated Products Inc. (MXIM)

Maxim Integrated is a global leader in the production of Integrated circuits and the second company in George’s portfolio. This is the second huge investment made by George Soros in a semiconductor chip manufacturing company besides NSP Semiconductors. George Soros has 294,369 shares of Maxim, which he bought during the third quarter. These shares make George’s holding in Maxim worth approx 20 million dollars. Maxim was among the top ten highest revenue exposure companies, besides having most of its sales in China. This company has evolved greatly in the last three years after Analog Devices Inc bought Maxim.

10. Microchip Technology Incorporated (MCHP)

The last semiconductor chip manufacturing company in George Soros’s 13F portfolio is Microchip Technology Inc. Microchip was among the best rundown stock companies in George’s portfolio in the third quarter. This was another investment made by George Soros, which had been growing steadily for two last quarters. His share in Microchip Technology Inc is worth 27.5 million dollars for 267,956 shares of MCHP. And, semiconductor chip manufacturers were one of the most attractive industries in the market since the last decade. And even now, companies like Microchip and NXP semiconductors are doing great in the stock market. Microchip attracts significant attention from new investors worldwide to make a fortune from the chip manufacturing giants.

11. Liberty Broadband (LBRDK)

Liberty is a communication service provider company that offers cable, data, voice, wireless, internet, and many other communication-related services. Last year, Liberty Broadband was the largest holding of George Soros, with a market value of $691 million. Even though the stock price of Liberty Broadband has been on a decline recently, it still retains its position as the biggest holding of George’s portfolio. George Soros allocated around 3.98 million shares of LBRDK, which was 12.48 percent of George’s entire portfolio. In mid-November, LBRDK stock reached an all-new record high value of 4.7 billion dollars which marked a tremendous rise of 23% in the past week.

12. Amazon Com Inc. (AMZN)

Amazon is one of the world’s most well-known multi-billion dollar e-commerce businesses. During the initial days of Amazon, George Soros made a major investment in Amazon by buying around 94,600 shares of AMZN. Since then, Amazon’s share price has been on the rise and has hit a valuation of more than 1.2 trillion dollars. This huge success is making it the second company worth $1 trillion market value after Apple Inc (AAPL). With that success, George’s shares in Amazon are currently evaluated for 325 million dollars. A further hike is expected if Amazon continues to grow as it did in the last couple of years.

13. Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL)

Google is an American multinational technology company founded in 1998 and has significantly climbed its share valuation. The price of Google has increased by more than 40% over the last year, from $1,000 per share to $1,080, which marked a rise of 20.16%. The latest valuation of George’s holdings in Google is 171.55 million dollars for approx 70 thousand GOOGL shares. George Soros had allocated 3.10% of his entire investment portfolio to Alphabet Inc, and the last time he invested in GOOGL stock was during 2014 Q3.

14. DR Horton Inc. (DHI)

DR Horton is a home-building company based in the US. George Soros acquired shares in DHI during the initial days of their business. DHI currently has a market value of 2.1 billion dollars, and George Soros invested $385.86 million in DHI for 4.26 million shares during the third quarter. After the increase in the share price of DR Horton Inc, it was predicted that in the next few years, DRH stock will have a valuation of 5 billion dollars which will turn this investment into another billionaire for George Soros.

15. Aramark (ARML)

Aramark is a global food service provider which was founded in 1976. The portfolio of George Soros involves 1.51% of his total investments in Aramark and a total worth of $83.85 million. George invested over 2.25 million shares of ARML to grade his holding in Aramark which is currently at 2.11 percent. In early September, ARML stock had a rise of 5% to end at $40.87 before being halted for about an hour for some unexpected news associated with the company’s food business helping it to gain more attention from investors.

How Many Jobs Are Available In George Soros’s Companies?

It would be difficult to highlight the job opportunities in numbers Considering George’s investment in companies like Alphabet, Disney, DR Horton, NGHC, PPG Industries, and many other manufacturing companies, it can be said that George Soros’s companies produce millions of jobs across different sectors. One has to be skillful and have the desire to grow with the company.

Having said that Alphabet and Unity Software is the house of a dream job for every software engineer. Aramark is the company with the highest number of job opportunities every year. And even the manufacturing companies like NXP semiconductors and Palantir Technologies have created millions of job opportunities for both skilled and unskilled workers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are George Soros’s investments?

George has one of the most diverse investment portfolios that involves over a hundred companies from different fields. Some of the best-performing companies in George’s portfolio include PPG Industries, Maxim Integrated Products Inc., Unity Software Inc., NXP Semiconductors NV, and National General Holdings Corp.

2. Does George Soros own Bitcoin?

Soros Fund Management Company, an asset management company, started by George Soros, has revealed several times that they own some cryptocurrency shares.

3. What is the Net worth of George Soros?

According to a Forbes survey, the real-time net worth of George Soros is 6.7 billion dollars, with his fund assets to be estimated at over $8.4 billion. In addition, George has donated 18 billion dollars to his Open Society Foundation to help various humanitarian and charitable works.

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