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How to make your crush fall in love with you

ByBusinessmatters Staff | Updated: May 13, 2024
ByBusinessmatters Staff
Updated: May 13, 2024
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Ever find yourself daydreaming about your crush, wishing they harbored the same swoon-worthy feelings for you? You're probably ready to move mountains to spark their interest and turn those dreams into reality.

But let's tackle the tough truth upfront: turning someone's affections your way isn't something you can simply will into existence. However, don't lose heart! There are clever ways to nudge Cupid's arrow a bit closer to your target. And hey, even if it doesn't hit the bullseye, taking the leap is always worth the thrill!

01. Flaunt Your Quirks Proudly
Flaunt Your Quirks Proudly
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Let's cut to the chase: trying to be Mr. or Ms. Perfect around your crush is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole—it just doesn't work. Everyone has their quirks, and pretending otherwise might actually be a turn-off. So, if you're a klutz, own it. Laugh at yourself. Your crush might just find your authenticity refreshing and endearing. After all, it's your unique blend of imperfections that makes you, well, you.


02. Find Common Ground
Find Common Ground
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Ever had that "No way, me too!" moment? It's like finding a golden ticket. Discovering shared interests or experiences can instantly bridge the gap between you and your crush. Whether it's geeking out over the same obscure band or sharing a passion for hiking, these commonalities can be your in.

It's these little connections that can turn "just another conversation" into a moment of real connection. So next time you chat, steer the conversation towards discovering those shared interests. You might just find that your crush is more like you than you thought.


03. Lean on the Ben Franklin Effect
Lean on the Ben Franklin Effect
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Here's a slick move straight out of the history books: ask for a favor. It sounds counterintuitive, right? But hear me out. When someone does you a solid, even something as small as holding your coffee while you tie your shoe, it creates a sense of camaraderie. It's like you're saying, "I trust you," without actually saying it. This psychological trick can subtly nudge your crush to see you in a more favorable light. So, go ahead, ask them to pass you a pen or watch your stuff for a minute. It's a small gesture that can pave the way for bigger things.


04. Laugh Together
Laugh Together
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Laughter is the universal language of friendship, and it's also a secret weapon in love. Sharing a laugh with your crush isn't just about enjoying a moment; it's about building a bridge. When you laugh at their jokes (and they at yours), it's a sign of mutual appreciation and understanding. It's these moments of genuine joy that can turn a casual interaction into a memorable one. So, don't hold back—let your laughter ring out. It's a clear signal that you enjoy their company, and it might just make them see you in a new light.


05. Choose Thrills Over Chills
Choose Thrills Over Chills
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Next movie night, skip the lovey-dovey stuff and opt for something that gets your pulse racing—a thriller or a horror flick. Why? Because being a little scared together can actually bring you closer. It's all about the adrenaline; that rush can make the heart grow fonder. Plus, those jump scares are a perfect excuse to huddle a bit closer on the couch. It's a sneaky way to break the touch barrier and share an intense experience. And who knows? That shared thrill might just translate into a spark of something more.


06. Mirror, Mirror
Mirror, Mirror
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Ever find yourself copying the gestures of someone you're into? That's your brain's mirror neurons at work, helping you sync up and get on the same wavelength. When you subtly mimic your crush's body language, it sends a signal that you're in tune with them. Just be sure to keep it natural—too much mirroring might come off as mimicry.

But done right, this subtle dance of mimicry can create a sense of harmony and understanding, making your interactions flow more smoothly. It's all about finding that sweet spot where your gestures and expressions reflect theirs, building a silent rapport that speaks volumes.


07. Break the Ice... Literally
Break the Ice... Literally
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Physical touch can be a powerful communicator. It's like a secret code that says, "I'm into you," without a word. A casual touch on the arm or a gentle nudge can break down barriers and signal interest. Watch for their response: if they don't pull away, it's a good sign they're comfortable with you. And if they reciprocate? Even better. It's these small moments of contact that can hint at a deeper connection, paving the way for more overt expressions of interest. So, next time you're sharing a laugh or a moment, let your gestures do some of the talking.


08. Quality Time
Quality Time
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It might sound like a no-brainer, but spending quality time together is foundational. The more you're around someone, the more familiar and comfortable you become with each other. This isn't just about clocking hours; it's about creating meaningful experiences that bring you closer. Whether it's trying out a new hobby together or exploring a part of town you've never seen, these shared adventures can strengthen your bond.

It's the accumulation of these moments that can transform a casual acquaintance into a meaningful connection. So, make the effort to spend real, quality time with your crush. It's an investment that could pay off in ways you've only dreamed of.


09. Hold Hot Drinks
Hold Hot Drinks
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Next time you're chilling with your crush, why not warm things up a bit—literally? Swap those ice-cold sodas for a couple of steamy lattes. Holding a warm drink can actually make us feel warmer towards the person we're with. It's a quirky little trick of human psychology, but it works.

That warmth in your hands can translate to a warmth in your heart, making you seem more approachable and caring. So, go ahead and make your next meet-up a coffee date. It's a simple gesture that could make all the difference, heating up your budding relationship in more ways than one.


10. Just Be Yourself
Just Be Yourself
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At the end of the day, the most magnetic thing you can be is yourself. If you're trying to win your crush over, don't fall into the trap of playing a part. Being genuine is key. Share your true thoughts, your real interests, and your unfiltered opinions. It's this authenticity that will truly resonate with them.

Remember, you want your crush to fall for the real you, not some facade. So, ditch the mask and let your true colors shine. After all, genuine connections are built on honesty and vulnerability. And who knows? Your crush might just be waiting to meet the person you really are.


11. Make Them Feel Appreciated and Special
Make Them Feel Appreciated and Special
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Everybody wants to feel like they're one in a million, especially your crush. It's not about grand gestures or over-the-top compliments, but noticing and appreciating the little things that make them unique. Maybe it's their quirky laugh or the way they're always ready to lend a hand.

Acknowledging these traits shows you're paying attention and that you value them for who they are. This kind of genuine appreciation can make your crush feel special and seen, deepening your connection. So, next time you're together, make it a point to highlight something you genuinely admire about them. It's these small acknowledgments that can leave a big impression.


12. Smile Genuinely and Often
Smile Genuinely and Often
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Never underestimate the power of a genuine smile. It's the universal signal of happiness and openness, and it's incredibly contagious. When you're around your crush, let your smile spread naturally. It's a simple gesture that can break down walls and make you seem more approachable.

Plus, a sincere smile can light up your face, making you more attractive in their eyes. It's like a magnet that draws people in. So, flash those pearly whites and let your joy shine through. A genuine smile can bridge the gap between acquaintance and something more, creating an atmosphere of warmth and comfort that's hard to resist.


13. Exude Confidence
Exude Confidence
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Confidence is sexy; there's no two ways about it. But it's not about arrogance or pretending to be someone you're not. It's about being comfortable in your own skin and owning who you are. When you interact with your crush, stand tall, make eye contact, and speak with conviction.

This kind of self-assuredness is attractive because it shows you value yourself. And when you value yourself, others are more likely to do the same. Remember, confidence is contagious. By embodying it, you're not only boosting your own appeal but also encouraging your crush to see you in a new, more attractive light.


14. Engage Actively on Social Media
Engage Actively on Social Media
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In today's digital age, our online interactions can be just as important as our offline ones. Engaging with your crush on social media is a subtle way to show you're interested without coming on too strong. Like their posts, comment on their stories, and share things that remind you of them.

These small online interactions can keep you on their radar and show that you're paying attention to their life. Plus, it can give you insights into their interests and passions, providing fodder for future conversations. Just remember to keep it genuine and not overdo it; your goal is to pique their interest, not overwhelm them.


15. Showcase Your Unique Personality
Showcase Your Unique Personality
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In a world where everyone is trying to fit in, standing out can be your biggest asset. Embrace what makes you different, whether it's your sense of humor, your taste in music, or your perspective on life. Sharing these parts of yourself can give your crush a glimpse into who you truly are, beyond the surface level. It's these unique traits that can make you irresistible, drawing your crush in with the allure of your authenticity. So, don't be afraid to let your freak flag fly. Your uniqueness is what makes you memorable, and showcasing it could be the key to turning your crush's interest into something more.