Worthy Causes: Food, Family, and Wine

March 6th, 2013

Welcome to our first edition of Business Matters 2.0! We appreciate your continued support and now we’re so excited to share our new and improved vision with you! This week, we speak with three incredible leaders of worthy causes that bring the power of film, family, and wine to people across the globe.

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Evelyn Iocolano: You can hear the passion for service to other’s in our first guest’s voice.

evelynEvelyn Iocolano is Executive Director and Co-Founder of Lollipop Theater Network. This incredible organization brings films currently in theaters to children who are hospitalized due to chronic or life-threatening illnesses.  Joining forces with VP of Focus Features, President of Twentieth Century Fox, and actress Anne Hathaway, Evelyn and the Lollipop Theater Network provided an escape to normalcy for sick children and their families. Visit their website for more information and to donate. Follw Lollipop Theater Network on Twitter: @lollipoptheater.

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Nancy Hunt: Inspired by the song “We Are Family,” she guides WAFF to bring out the best qualities in teen leaders from around the globe. 


Our second guest, Nancy Hunt, has been President of the We Are Family Foundation (WAFF) since its founding in 2002. WAFF strives to educate the next generation about global issues of respect, understanding, and cultural diversity. Previously, Nancy was Executive Producer of the We Are Family Project, bringing together over 100 children’s television characters to film a PSA promoting multiculturalism. Follow her on twitter @nancyhunt.


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Michael Houlihan: Using “Worthy Cause Marketing” he built one of the leading wine brands in the country. 

michaelhoulihanOur final guest this week is the co-founder of Barefoot Wines, Michael Houlihan, who was affectionately titled “Head Stomper” as president and CEO for 19 years. With no money and zero knowledge of the wine industry, Michael, and his partner Bonnie Harvey, ingeniously built a leading national brand. They stumbled upon “worthy cause marketing” by working with non-profit organizations to spread the word about their wines. His experience creating a hugely successful company has provided him with cases full of insights and tips for branding, marketing, and performance-based compensation. Follow Michael on Twitter @barefootfounder.

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